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Chances are good that if you are browsing a website about the Dog Bite Laws in Illinois, someone in your family has been bitten by a dog in Illinois or your concerned with preventing such an attack.  On this page you can find a variety of information about protecting your family from dog bites in Illinois and, should the worst happen, gather the resources you need to hire an Illinois dog bite lawyer to protect your legal rights and compensate your for your injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is often the first question we hear, and it is a difficult one to answer because every person and every situation is different.  For instance a dog bite on 35 year old man that required no stitches and a quick trip to the emergency room probably does not need a lawyer.  However, the exact same bite on a 5 year old child has a far greater impact with profound implications on that child’s development.  In the child’s case, a lawyer can make a tremendous difference in helping the family navigating the claim through the Illinois Dog Bite laws and maximizing the child’s recovery.

Many lawyers are afraid to admit that not every case needs a lawyer.  The truth is that if you were not badly injured or you did not seek medical attention, there is very little that a lawyer can do to help.  However, if you have questions about your treatment, the dog bite laws in Illinois, or how you can recover compensation, call an Illinois Dog Bite Lawyer.  Consultations are free and there is no harm in speaking with a lawyer that has handled bog bite cases in Illinois before.  Lawyers will deal with the insurance companies and their unfair adjusters, taking the headache and worry off of you.  This allows you to focus on working with your doctors to recovery and regain your health.

Lawyers in Illinois cannot advertise themselves as being “the best” at any one particular area of the law, including dog bite cases.  However, not all lawyers handle all types of cases.  Just like doctors, lawyers tend to focus their energies and attention on specific types of cases.  For instance, the BiState Injury Law Center focuses on cases where someone has been injured, like a dog bite claim.  When trying to select a lawyer to help with your Illinois Dog Bite Case, there are a few questions you should ask.
Questions You Should Ask Your Illinois Dog Bite Lawyer

How much does it cost to hire a dog bite lawyer  to handle a case like mine?

Different types of lawyers charge their clients in a number of ways, but almost every Illinois dog bite lawyer works on a contingent fee.  This means that you pay nothing unless you win the case.  Our fee is 33% of the amount we recover for you.  If you do not win, we do not get paid.

How often will you contact me? What is your communication policy?

One of the most common complaints we hear from clients that are upset with their current dog bite lawyer is that their lawyer never calls them or they do not know what is going on with their case.  At the BiState Injury Law Center, we believe that the more the client knows, the more empowered the client becomes in their recovery and the stronger the case we can present to the insurance companies and to juries.  To create this empowerment, we employ an energetic team environment, where our entire office actively works on your case.  A number of our team members will contact ever month, in writing and over the phone and happily arrange face-to-face meetings. More importantly, our lawyers give our personal cell phone numbers to our clients.  If you have a question, you need an answer – fast!  We do asking that clients schedule specific times to speak with the lawyers so that they are prepared to answer your questions and are focused only on your case.  There is never an excuse for not being informed about your case.

Have you ever handled a dog bite claim in Illinois?

It is important to hire a lawyer that has experience in handling dog bite claims.  Once they receive their license, every lawyer can legally handle any type of case in Illinois.  However, that doe not mean they know the right questions to ask, the proper investigation methods, or how to present a dog bite claim to a jury in a courtroom.  Dog Bite claims in Illinois are controlled by common law and by statute.  You need a trial lawyer that knows the law and the techniques necessary to win your case.  The lawyers at the BiState Injury Law Center have handled dog bite claims across Illinois and have represented children and elderly adults in many of those cases.

If you were attacked by a dog and bitten, you should take every precaution and seek medical attention immediately.  However, the odds of you contracting rabies are extremely low in the United States.  We have written an article with the history and facts about rabies, as well as how to protect yourself and your pet from rabies – read The Truth About Rabies.

Keeping Kids Safe From Dog Bites

Safety Tips For Your Children Around Dogs

8977948Growing up with a pet can be very beneficial for children, such as teaching responsibility, improving self-esteem, and providing them with a loving companion.  However, children are also one of groups at highest risk of being bitten by a dog. In order to decrease that risk, children must be made aware of the risks, both of having a dog in the home and of dogs outside of their home.

A few simple lessons to share with your child to lessen the risk of dog bites:

What Should I Do After A Dog Bite

Protecting Yourself and Preserving Your Claim After A Dog Bite

Dog Ownership Tips To Prevent Dog Bites

Owners Preventing Dog Bites